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Rising Oil Prices: Who’s to Blame?

Gas Prices

Can anyone explain what exactly the deal with the ever rising oil prices is? I remember paying for gas at less than a dollar a gallon in the United States (2006). I also recall paying as low as PKR 30 (around 45 Dollar Cents) for a liter of petrol in Pakistan (2005). However, Pakistan is …

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Osama: “Never Was a Death So Celebrated”

People Celebrating OBL's Death in

“He’s Killed… Dead… He’s No More“ The news was a huge surprise and everyone all around the world rejoiced. People at the Times Square sang praises of the government. Those in front of the White House rejoiced. The fire fighters and police officers paid their respects to the victims of 9 11. The families of …

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Obama’s Birth Certificate: Black Obama White Obama

Would it make matter easy for him?

So President Obama finally has an answer for the brithers. He presented a birth certificate confirming him as a natural born citizen of the United States of America. The brithers can all rest easy now. However, they’re still not convinced. Worried Grammie wrote on the Tea Party Nation site “I’m sure someone will investigate this …

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