Marketing Management

1 – Introduction – Marketing, Marketing Management and All That Jazz

2 – Marketing Information Systems

3 – Demography-Explored-Accounted for Pakistan


5 – Segmentation-and-Targeting

All the best for your finals… Hope you learned…

You’re a great class (Y)



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  1. Anum says:


    1. zara says:

      finally find it :) & every mrktng lec is impressive full of knowledge :)

  2. Anam ehtesham says:

    perfecto :)

  3. hasnain says:

    like it !

  4. Wajiha says:

    informative slides…. nd enjoying lectures.. :)

  5. Wajiha says:

    knowledge gaining….. :)

  6. Javed Ahmed says:

    perfect slides…having full knowledge

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