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Lunar Eclipse on the 16th of June 2011

The Lunar Eclipse on 16th June

  As I write this, a total lunar eclipse is drowning the moon in darkness. The full moon today was beautiful. I remember mentioning to a friend (Khyzer aka SKY) how everything was so lit today. He confirmed by turning off the light of his car while we were on our way to cafĂ©. I …

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Endeavour’s Final Mission: The Scheduled Launch on April 29, 2011 (Launched on May 16th)

STS-134 Will be Endeavour's Last Flight

As Endeavour and its crew make final preparations for heading out to the final frontier, I cannot help but think about our obsession with space. The Star Walk app from the apple store allows you to point your Iphone or Ipad at the sky and see the stars and constellations in real time. Ever since …

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