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Bhutto Reminds Me of Mujeeb

Murderers of Mujeeb Hung

Sheikh Mujeeb-ul-Rehman, the hero of Bangladesh’s independence movement and the leader of “Awami League”, was assassinated by junior officers of the Bangladeshi army. General Zia-ul-Rehman’s did not let this matter get to the court. However, Sheikh Haseena, the daughter of Sheikh Mujeeb-Ul-Rehman, filed a case in the court against her father’s murderers after she was …

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Aspects of Osama’s Life

Bin Laden 1980s

What was the rivalry between USA and Osama Bin Laden  all about? What was the nature of the rivalry? What lead to the success of the operation that was carried out by Navy Seals on the 2nd of May? And how would the Pakistani forces react if such an operation is carried out again? A …

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Rising Oil Prices: Who’s to Blame?

Gas Prices

Can anyone explain what exactly the deal with the ever rising oil prices is? I remember paying for gas at less than a dollar a gallon in the United States (2006). I also recall paying as low as PKR 30 (around 45 Dollar Cents) for a liter of petrol in Pakistan (2005). However, Pakistan is …

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Cinco De Mayo: Party Time

Mariachi Cinco De Mayo

I remember waking up to loud Mexican music on the 5th of May. I was in my dorms and the music was too loud for a car stereo. I got up, pretty mad, and got out of the dorms to see what was going on. The campus was overrun with loud Mariachi bands. Girls were …

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Osama: “Never Was a Death So Celebrated”

People Celebrating OBL's Death in

“He’s Killed… Dead… He’s No More“ The news was a huge surprise and everyone all around the world rejoiced. People at the Times Square sang praises of the government. Those in front of the White House rejoiced. The fire fighters and police officers paid their respects to the victims of 9 11. The families of …

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Terrorism and How to Defeat it

13 Year Suicide Bomber Caught by Police

My father deals in handmade rugs. He’s been working for over 40 years now and has business links in America and Europe. One of his friends is a British Engineer Mark Reynolds. Mark loves to travel and is obsessed with the sub continent. He has a trusty old BMW motorcycle (1000 cc) and has ridden …

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Shisha: The Trend and Anatomy

Anatomy of  Shisha

A friend of mine opened up a café (Earth Café). I have been to the place quite a few times. Last night, while at the café, he asked me to try one of his new Shisha flavors. Not a Shisha enthusiast, I told him I’d pass. He insisted and ordered two of the most amazing Shishas …

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How Tobacco Helped the Colonization of America

Starving Time, Colonists Turned to Cannibalism

America was a golden opportunity for the European Masters. However, England was falling behind in the in the race to occupy the newly discovered land. It was the dawn of the 17th century and England had not been able to make a viable claim in the new world. In 1606, King James established the London …

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Endeavour’s Final Mission: The Scheduled Launch on April 29, 2011 (Launched on May 16th)

STS-134 Will be Endeavour's Last Flight

As Endeavour and its crew make final preparations for heading out to the final frontier, I cannot help but think about our obsession with space. The Star Walk app from the apple store allows you to point your Iphone or Ipad at the sky and see the stars and constellations in real time. Ever since …

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Exxon’s Profit: Exploitation

Rich Getting Richer

So XOM, better known as Exxon Mobil Corp posted its first quarter profits which amount to $11 billion dollars. This represents a 69% jump in the profits compared to the same period last year. The oil prices for an individual consumer are hitting $ 4 a barrel. Does it alarm anyone to know Exxon bought …

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