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Teacher’s Tale – The Stage is Set

As I approach the two week landmark in my newly adopted career of teaching students of management degrees, I can’t help but realize that the job of a teacher, lecturer, a professor is not easy. Preparing lectures is a mighty difficult job and only those who do it can realize that teaching, in fact, is …

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Come Love, Lets Fly to the Edge of Space

Come with me love and let me take you to the place above the stars, the edges of this universe, the boundaries of our vast space where large columns of black stone hold this structure of our imagination. A place beyond the reach of sorrow, grief, sighs and tears. A place devoid of emotion and …

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Restoring to an Earlier Part in Time

I keep haunting myself with nostalgia, stalking people over Facebook, not wanting to let go of the past which has made me to be who I am today. But this pursuit comes at a price and the price is sadness. It’s like salting a wound remembering of times gone by and wanting with all your …

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The Need for Human Contact

I see more and more people pushing Human contact away. Maybe technology has made us cynical or paranoid in a way. Most of us have developed a certain level of objectophilia, don’t we all just love our iPhone? But what I learned today was that when a person’s about to die and the moment of …

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4667 Miles…

  Your absence, this empty space My days without seeing your face Alone, I walk this wretched desert of pain An oasis of splendor around me, but in vain The distance that lies between us The seas, mountains and rivers, thus Have all made enemies with me today My fleeting patience is beginning to sway …

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Memory, The World As We Want to Remember It…


  Time’s a very fleeting concept in the grand scheme of events. I wonder at times if all that we are is anything more than imagination. I have spent many years of my life and whatever has gone seems like a distant memory. It’s a giant memory with multiple other memories in it, some sweet, …

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Vanity Card # 1

My lap top is almost 5 years old now… When it came out, it was a top of line IBM machinery with a core 2 duo processor. Back then it was a big deal… Now its just a piece of mechanized plastic crap with a mind of its own, doesn’t obey its master anymore. I’m …

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Happy Father’s Day: Thank You Dad

Happy Father's Day

  Originally celebrated only in the United States, Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June each year. This day commemorates the role that fathers play and the contributions they make in their children’s lives. The first father’s day (origin) was a memorial service in the memory of men, most of them fathers, …

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Lunar Eclipse on the 16th of June 2011

The Lunar Eclipse on 16th June

  As I write this, a total lunar eclipse is drowning the moon in darkness. The full moon today was beautiful. I remember mentioning to a friend (Khyzer aka SKY) how everything was so lit today. He confirmed by turning off the light of his car while we were on our way to café. I …

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