Hey there, I’m Ali… Ali Zain Raza… Now repeat that using the BOND introduction voice in your head… OK, maybe brother BOND will never use “hey there”.

I was a student when I started this blog. The university I was studying at fell in love with me and called me back to teach. Thus, I was offered an adjunct faculty position there.

Besides the teaching position, I am a partner in a small firm that specializes in manufacturing oriental hand knotted rugs ( www.rugs.tc )  Been exporting these ever since I can remember. The export business is on the decline now and we’re focusing more on the local sales which are relatively hard to come by. The firm also exports textile products to certain countries in the EU.

I am married to one of the most beautiful handmaidens ever. She’s studying in Italy, I’m in Pakistan… Yes, we have a long distance marriage, email me if you want to understand the acoustics of how it works. But I assure you, despite our little skirmishes and futile quarrels, we love each other.

Plans for the future?

Planning to go and open a rug retail in some part of Europe, takes a lot of time and patience.

See you around, follow up for different perspective on almost everything…

PS: I have been fortunate enough to attend a few lectures by Dr. Milton Friedman in USA. He was always talking about how the people of today have very low levels of patience and they can’t see to wait for their turns in anything. They want everything instantly. This trend is prevalent in almost every aspect of life. We have MCQs for exams and Scantrons for instant results, the crop yielding times are being reduced and everything is shifting to “Instant Gratification”. According to Mr. Friedman, this phenomenon was the new code of life and would soon reveal itself in everything…

I call it “Speedlivin … Not measuring the years in life, but the life in those years “



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