Teacher’s Tale – The Stage is Set

As I approach the two week landmark in my newly adopted career of teaching students of management degrees, I can’t help but realize that the job of a teacher, lecturer, a professor is not easy. Preparing lectures is a mighty difficult job and only those who do it can realize that teaching, in fact, is a rebirth of learning at a very personal level. This private renaissance introduces one to a whole new world of theories, concepts and constructs, ones he or she might have gone through before but never really got the real hang of it.
It goes a little something like this,
You learn to teach… and then you teach to learn…
The classes are full of curious minds, curious yet easily bored at gibberish. The only way to grab their attention is to keep them engaged and not present anything that might make them doze off or send them into the fabulous world of daydreaming. Not that I oppose daydreaming. In fact, in my experience those who daydream are much more creative, resolute and determined than the ordinary blank tablets that tend to completely submerse themselves and be fully occupied to an issue, fully attentive… Robots… I don’t need robots in my class. Give me daydreamers and I’ll give you something unique…
So many minds, small and big, curious and flat-lined, Tabula Rasas… All passing through lives, each one with their unique experience, unique – contributing to the data warehouses of the world, having their say heard, bringing fresher perspectives to everything… Eliminating the tunnel effects…
There is something about growing up that confines us to our routines. We become prisoners of life and the mortal coil wraps us in this shell which cannot be broken. The young minds do not have any shells. They are free and responsive to every stimulus, as if the butterflies are calling to them in order to create the butterfly effect.
Each one unique… true… and majestic…


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  1. Memoona Hafeez says:

    hope teaching is not as hard as studying…:-D

    1. Owais Khakwani says:

      well @memoona! teaching is really a difficult task than studying. while studying u can ignore a point which is not clear to you. but while preparing lecture, every confusing and ignored point may invite 50+ questions :)

  2. Imran Aslam says:

    ” Give me daydreamers and I’ll give you something unique…”

    Think of devil and Devil……… how many you needs… :)

    Perhaps you might not enjoying the lectures as you were expecting and you are bound to see robozzz [i'm sorry]. But sir, “the game’s just begun.”

  3. Owais Khakwani says:

    every mind, thought and idea needs appreciation, encouragement, and direction . otherwise, many ideas just keep stick to the minds reluctant to be spoken out.

  4. chwilowki says:

    You are a very bright individual!

  5. Wajiha says:

    A tale of a Responsible Teacher………………….

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