The Need for Human Contact

I see more and more people pushing Human contact away. Maybe technology has made us cynical or paranoid in a way. Most of us have developed a certain level of objectophilia, don’t we all just love our iPhone?
But what I learned today was that when a person’s about to die and the moment of ultimate truth is about to hit him or her, the moment when the skin starts to burn and feel like a lake of burning sulphur, the moment when darkness starts to speed towards us and the only light we see is at the end of the tunnel, when the noise and sounds around us slowly begin to die… We need someone to hold our hand and tell us it’s gonna be okay. We need that human touch, the contact which reassures us of a the flickering hope of life, the lie which is sweeter than any truth foretold… That moment, that contact and that human need inside us will always make it more and more important for us to be close to people…
And let’s not forget the supernatural power of a hug when the heart is at grief…

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