Restoring to an Earlier Part in Time

I keep haunting myself with nostalgia, stalking people over Facebook, not wanting to let go of the past which has made me to be who I am today. But this pursuit comes at a price and the price is sadness. It’s like salting a wound remembering of times gone by and wanting with all your heart to be in those times again. But this sadness doesn’t make you cry or anything, it in fact motivates you to restore the order of things and to take them back to how they were and make those tiny changes and choices all over again, choices which lead you away from them. It’s like living in the shadow of the past. However, a part of you realises that this is only temporary and the only direction to go is forward. But the insane desire inside you keeps pumping your imagination and the motivation to restore… In a way, you wanna go ahead by moving back.

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