Come Love, Lets Fly to the Edge of Space

Come with me love and let me take you to the place above the stars, the edges of this universe, the boundaries of our vast space where large columns of black stone hold this structure of our imagination. A place beyond the reach of sorrow, grief, sighs and tears. A place devoid of emotion and recognition, of memories of the past. Come love, let us fly across the darkness of this space and leave our worlds behind. And with it, let’s leave behind all those things which made us human, which made us suffer. We will forsake ourselves from the wretched reality of heartless people and our souls will fly wild. And forget not to hold my hand on the way to the farthest place we can imagine. This way, we will not be strangers to each other once we reach our destination. We will be holding hands and that will tell us something about our connection. We may not be able to feel it since everything that made us weak will be left behind in this realm. But it will be a reminder of something, something that one was and lead us to the verge. I’ve been told by fallen stars that its a place no one comes back from and there is no death there. Dark space, a sea of nothingness where once every few years a supernova lights up and in that flickering moment you can see what lies beyond. Come my love, let us fly this very instance… A long journey awaits. Leave your mortality here… Come, my love…

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  1. Wajiha says:

    Epic !

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