4667 Miles…


Your absence, this empty space

My days without seeing your face

Alone, I walk this wretched desert of pain

An oasis of splendor around me, but in vain

The distance that lies between us

The seas, mountains and rivers, thus

Have all made enemies with me today

My fleeting patience is beginning to sway

“A little up ahead is a sea instead”

That’s what I had heard, what had been said

Who would care for a nearby oasis, true?

When there was a promised sea waiting for you

A few months down the sands of time

While I hummed my brief whistles of rhyme

On the horizon I saw the beautiful sea

Dear Lord, has it finally come to me?

I ran, brushing the sands off my hair

Fragrance of my beautiful sea in the air

The sun glimmering with most of its might

Everything was perfect, seemed so right

But then, as I got near the splendid view

The sea began to vanish… “Chaos”, I knew

Everything began shattering, starting to disappear

Beneath the sands resonating voices of sneer

I stopped and saw my dreams fading away

Shadows of the night were killing the day

All along, it had been nothing more than a mirage

A fake reflection made up of memories from a collage

The day is over, the lights are gone

The flesh in my body is turning to stone

Its nothing but a dark night now

And loneliness for me, I avow…

One hollow night to next is the story of my strife

Thousands of miles from my sea… from my life…



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