Vanity Card # 1

My lap top is almost 5 years old now… When it came out, it was a top of line IBM machinery with a core 2 duo processor. Back then it was a big deal… Now its just a piece of mechanized plastic crap with a mind of its own, doesn’t obey its master anymore. I’m going from place to place trying to sell this wild animal. I would like to get one of those new things that sound like the female hygiene products with an I added as a prefix.

I also get a feeling that this piece of technology has developed emotions and doesn’t like sharing me with anyone. For instance, I was just talking to Saad and Skype stopped working. I tried a reset but everything was ok, except for Skype. Something tells me it’ll start working in a while when Saad logs out… This has happened before. IBM, screw you :) .


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