Happy Father’s Day: Thank You Dad


Happy Father's Day

Originally celebrated only in the United States, Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June each year. This day commemorates the role that fathers play and the contributions they make in their children’s lives. The first father’s day (origin) was a memorial service in the memory of men, most of them fathers, who lost their lives in a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia in 1907. However, it took several decades for this day to become an official observance in USA.


Today, the day is celebrated across many countries. The embedding and emphasis of this ceremony in the modern world can be attributed to the modernization of our family lifestyles. Individual oriented societies have allowed people to achieve independence and financial freedom at an early stage. This creates a considerable amount of distance between the generations within families. This distance, coupled with the extremely busy lives of people, has allowed for the dedication of specific days to celebrate relationships. Mother’s day, father’s day and Son’s day are a few such examples.

Traditionally, people give gifts or cards to their padre (Spanish for father) on father’s day. The day consists of ceremonies carried out to honor the father, something as simple as a phone call or a large organized party,
all sorts of different celebrations are held to make this day special for dad.

However, father’s day is an entire different deal in my culture. Islam emphasizes on joint family systems. The basic ideology behind this system is to facilitate parents with care and love in old age. Parents are considered the most valuable relationships and assets of a person. It is a person’s duty to take utmost care of his parents in every part of their life, reduce their load and make their time happier and easier in every possible way. Mother’s have been declared gateways to heaven in the famous saying (Hadith) of
the Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH)

“Be at your mother’s feet and there is the Paradise.” (Ibn Majah, Sunan, Hadith no. 2771)

Father’s have been blessed with a very important position in an individual’s life as well. Their approval and happiness is considered a reflection of God’s approval of a person.

I do not mean to preach. I just want to make this pretty clear that every day is father’s day and a mother’s day for me. I cherish every moment I spend with my father and thank the Lord to have landed me in this house and to these parents. My father has done all he could have to provide for me, take care of me, make me grow and achieve greatness in life and he has done a marvelous job. Whatever I am today and whatever I will become will always be a reflection of the values, morals and standards my father raised me to. I
usually refer to him as Baba or Pops and I have realized I can never outgrow his love and fatherhood. I will always be his son and he will always watch out for me like he did when I was four years old.

Thank you pops.

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