Osama: “Never Was a Death So Celebrated”

“He’s Killed… Dead… He’s No More“

Time to Celebrate

The news was a huge surprise and everyone all around the world rejoiced. People at the Times Square sang praises of the government. Those in front of the White House rejoiced. The fire fighters and police officers paid their respects to the victims of 9 11. The families of the victims felt at peace. I prayed for a friend of mine who had died in a suicide blast last year and thanked God for this day.  All the Leaders of every country in the world are congratulating the United States of America and each other.


Who could ever think the wanted criminal on Earth will be killed in a city like Abbottabad? The city is famous, among many things, for its excellent academic institutions. Good going Osama, you had us all fooled for a while. I never thought I’d be able to see this day. I always kept thinking of Osama’s death as more of a mystery that may never be revealed to anyone. No one even knew if he was still alive.

So, what’s next? Where do we go from here? Well for one thing Osama’s death should not be confused with the death of the Taliban. Yes this is a severe blow and we’ve managed to cut off the head but the Taliban are still strong. If they were wise they would learn a lesson from this state of affairs. But never mind, the Taliban aren’t that smart. They’re animals, hypocrites living and feeding off the weak. They’re worse than vultures. Osama’s death should definitely weaken the terrorist spirits. The U.S. Government has warned its citizens all around the world to be more cautious and careful. This is a sensible move considering that Taliban will be the most vulnerable right now and they may be the most dangerous at the same time. The Taliban are a tribe and a tribe is strong as the leader. With the leader now gone, they may begin to scatter. Besides, I’m sure many of them must be tired of the war already, realizing the extent of their dim-wittedness. America has to be very careful planning their moves in Afghanistan from here on.

I came across some very intriguing theories about the Osama killing. Many people believe it to be a sham. Some are calling this a publicity stunt for the upcoming Obama re-election and his campaign. Others believe this to be an excuse to pull the forces out of Afghanistan. I read a couple of tweets and a few of them mentioned the Dwight Eisenhower incident of the American spy plane entering Russia from Pakistan. The plane was shot down by the Russians and the pilot was captured alive. Russia knew America was spying. They released a statement confirming sightings of a trespassing plane and how they shot it down. They mentioned the pilot could not be saved. Dwight Eisenhower, lying, confirmed by stating it was a weather research aircraft and the pilot reported troubles with breathing. This was Russia’s chance and they blurted out the truth saying the pilot was alive and well and America had been spying. The tweeters believe America likes to cover up their mistakes by lying and the Osama killing just might be one of these lies. They think this lie is being used as an excuse to pull the troops out of Afghanistan so no one can mock their 9 years of war which, for the most part, seems to be ending in futility. America has already received enough criticism for not finding any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. My take on this theory is that even if it’s a lie, it will serve to bring the troops home and what better than that?

Another important aspect of this entire situation is the role of Pakistan.  The U.S. ally, and my home country, is being blamed by many for various reasons including allegations of sheltering Osama. Well, first of all, let this be very clear that the ISI is one of the most competitive secret service agencies in the world. It is impossible to even think that they had no knowledge of Osama’s whereabouts if he was actually living in Abbottabad. Moreover, the compound where Osama was killed is at a ten minute walk from a military academy and people want to believe no one around that place knew what was going on? They telephoned one of the “Neighbors of Osama” on a television talk show and asked her what had happened. During her narrative of last night’s proceeding, she mentioned Pakistani Army vehicles moving in on the situation as soon as the choppers showed up to carry out their operations. She also mentioned the vehicles were in dozens and they moved in the very second the choppers began their operations. This clearly signifies a mutually carried out operation. Osama had hurt everyone in the world but he had hurt the Americans the most. It makes sense that they take out the person who caused so much hurt. Pakistan has actually helped America in the war on terror and has suffered more than any other country in the process. A decade ago there was no concept of suicide bombings in Pakistan and today the streets aren’t safe, fear lurks all around. We have lost ten times the number of victims of WTCs attacks. Osama’s death is as motivating and cheerful to us as it is to any American.

Osama’s death will be treated as a day of celebration in the history of the world. It feels good to know the world got rid of pure evil. I wonder if he realized the extent of the damage he did. But then I tell myself he was an animal inside and got what was coming to him. He was shot dead. This means some dude actually killed him. I salute you sir, no matter who and where you are. I wish I could have done what you did. Heck, not just me, I’m sure millions wanted to do the same. History will remember this day forever because never was a death so celebrated.

To all those who were hurt and affected directly or indirectly by 911, the suicide bombings in Pakistan and the events that followed… “We have been avenged. Let the souls of our beloved martyrs rest in peace”.

Thank You Obama, Thank You America… Thank You Pakistan.


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