Cinco De Mayo: Party Time

I remember waking up to loud Mexican music on the 5th of May. I was in my dorms and the music was too loud for a car stereo. I got up, pretty mad, and got out of the dorms to see what was going on. The campus was overrun with loud Mariachi bands. Girls were in their coconut garments (you know what I meant). Amazing food, music and pina coladas, it was an amazing day. I did not know much about Cinco De Mayo back then.

Cinco De Mayo (Fifth of May) is a celebration festival held throughout the United States, and some parts of Mexcio, on the 5th of May. The date celebrates Mexican heritage and the causes of liberty and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War. Back in 1962, Mexican army, under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin, won the Battle of Puebla against French forces on this date. This aided the American cause as well.

Besides the history, the day is a wonderful combination of fun things to do. The bands keep on playing, amazing food keeps rolling in and the dances don’t seem to stop. You get to participate and understand the Mexican culture to a deeper level. Mexican people are very warm and welcoming in nature. This means you don’t have to feel like a guest. Feel free to be a part of the celebration. Have Fun!

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