Obama’s Birth Certificate: Black Obama White Obama

So President Obama finally has an answer for the brithers. He presented a birth certificate confirming him as a natural born citizen of the United States of America. The brithers can all rest easy now. However, they’re still not convinced. Worried Grammie wrote on the Tea Party Nation site “I’m sure someone will investigate this BC and prove it to be a fraud”. It seems those who do not like Obama are relentlessly trying to find excuses to stop him from his re-election. In this scenario President Obama may keep coming up with answers but they’ll come up with two new questions for each answer he presents.

In fact, the brithers may just be the tip of the ice berg. There are a whole lot of people out there who do not like the President. When united, they keep coming up with new allegations for Obama to defend. He has had a tough run and its not easy for many to understand how the President was fighting on many fronts. U.S. is still in a state of war. Add to that the recession which took a toll on the nation’s financial stability. Foreclosures, debt and bankruptcies have been the highlights of this President’s term. That’s not all of it. Obama has to fight back to these personal allegations too. I guess he’s getting used to it by now because most of these personal attacks began while he was still campaigning for his run. Racism has a huge part to play in this. I wonder if a white president was ever asked to confirm his birth record. I also wonder if Obama would have had to go through all of this if he was a white. The answer’s very obvious.

If I offer the President an advice, I would tell him to flip off the personal allegations and criticism. You see this is where the difference shows up. Michael Moore did a documentary called “Fahrenheit 911” accusing George Bush of winning the elections by unfair means. I don’t care to what extent was Micheal Moore right or wrong. All I remember is that I saw this clip where the Ex-president tells Michael Moore to “Get a real job”.

Would it be easier for him?

That’s like a decent way of saying “F*** you*”. There’s Bush who’s telling his criticizers to take a hike and then there’s this President. He has to account for all sorts of criticism. Once again I wonder if he would have had to do so if he was a little different, if you know what I mean.

You know, what surprises me the most? Its that ability of thinking irrationally. Some people actually believe The President of United States forged a government document. lol.

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